As parents, teachers, and policymakers collectively grapple with the education system and its challenges, little attention is given to the  long-term effect of education on a person’s health. Yet the facts are very clear: the more education you have, the longer and healthier your life will be.

Of all the social determinants, education is the primary source of our opportunity because it affects our income, where we live, and our behavior. Given that, the entire continuum of education - from Pre-K to college preparation to adult learning - is critical to support thriving and healthy communities.

‘Ike is a celebratory film about the power of compassion, collaboration, and community to address society’s most pressing social issue.

Throughout its four deeply personal and emotional segments, ‘Ike illustrates the stark reality faced by students of all ages, while also revealing solutions that provide hope and a pathway to a brighter future for all.